Social policy has varied articulations and manifestations. This repository collates information on how social policy has been articulated by international financial institutions (aka ‘development financial institutions’) over time and across institutions and analyses how policy manifests in practice.

Tracking how social policy is defined and realized is a difficult and endless endeavor: policy formulations change and evolve and the relationship between seemingly similar terms and concepts is sometimes obtuse and counter-intuitive. This repository is open and public in the hope that someone (other than myself) may eventually find and use it. Ideally, this repository may one day help others tasked with analyzing social policy and its phenomenological manifestations.

Currently, I am a solo author—doing my best to keep up with the changes and to identify and analyze inconsistence where I encounter them. I doubt I will ever finish. If you find your way here, welcome! If you’d like to contribute, that’d be amazing. Ideally, submit a pull request.


For those reading via this site’s front end, I am slowing building out navigation links and index files to guide your journey through this website. For now, you’ll find that the site is comprised of ‘old’ and ‘new’ layouts. This derives from changes I made in how content is generated and published on line. Please bear with me; I’ll work it out.

For those reading via GitHub, the repository structure will be apparent. Here’re a few bits of orientation.

archive/	# record of HTML pages generated for web front end
context/	# efforts to conceptually organize social policy
|__accountability-mechanisms/	# 
|__country-safeguard-systems/	# work on state-level social policy, including compilation of law and analysis of topical issues
|__ifi-implementation-resources/	# 
|__international-law_good-practice/	# 
|__ref/	# references and literature indices
|__social-policy/	# clarifications of the organization of social policy among development financial institutions
|__terms/	# definitional terminology
data/		# data sets that relate to social development issues
site/		# site-level pages
.gitignore	# controls the files managed by the Git file-sharing platform
README		# introduces the repository concept (for viewers on GitHub, it's the repository landing page)